Andhakaranazhi Beach – Alappuzha


Blessed with stretches of unspoiled coastline, the borders of which are formed by lush tropical forests, this place is where one can find nature in its most vivid form. The presence of a beautiful lighthouse near the beach adds to the exquisiteness of the place. Andhakaranazhi Beach Alappuzha is quiet and secluded and serves as an important spot for fishing. It is also a much sought-after place for executing the last rituals for the departed souls. People, mostly from the local villages, come to this place to immerse the ashes of their deceased relatives. After the ill-fated Tsunami attack, the Government has taken the initiative to rebuild the beach for developing tourist interest. A viewers gallery has been established, from where beach lovers can catch unobtrusive views of the endless waters of the Arabian Sea. A walkway with lampposts and few benches have also been set on the beachside. The path that connects Kochi with Andhakaranazhi Beach Alappuzha is endowed with breathtaking natural scenery. Serenely rural, the entire route is bestowed with vast paddy fields and organic farms. Dotting these areas are also sporadic water bodies, where natives can be seen placing their fishing nets. Just before arriving at the beach, tourists will find a newly-built bridge, where they can stopover to behold the absolutely breathtaking views of the surroundings. Andhakaranazhi Beach Alappuzha is one of the most happening picnic spots in the district. Swimming is prohibited at the beach as the sea is quite rough and tides are quite high. Unlike many other South Indian beaches, here tourists will not find high-end resorts or beachside dining establishments. There are although quite a few tea stalls and snack bars those await tourists to step in. There are many gripping tales that are related to the place and the name. Andhakaranazhi, meaning ‘lagoon of darkness’, is characterised by endless miles of sand and abundance of sun. On a trip to Andhakaranazhi Beach Alappuzha, one must never miss interacting with the locals. Doing this would help them get a detailed insight into all the mysteries and tales related to this beach and the surrounding area.

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