Carmelagiri Elephant Park – Munnar


At Carmelagiri, you can experience elephant rides through the lovely woods and get to know these majestic beings. The private park which is open all through the year offers you a different experience of riding an elephant. In addition to riding the elephants, you can also see the mighty ones taking a dip in the water and having a bath. You can also feed the elephants at an additional cost of INR 50 per basket of fruits. A maximum of three persons can travel at a time on an elephant and there are around eight elephants in total.

There is a separate entry ticket for entering the park. For short safaris of 15 minutes, the charge is INR 400 per person. You can also hire photographers who will take photographs of the ride at an additional cost of INR 250. If you happen to get stuck in a queue, you may wade off your time by sharpening your shooting skills at a small rifle range here. Kids may be entertained in the small toy train at the venue.

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