Fun Forest Adventure Park – Munnar



Situated at a distance of 13 km from Munnar- the Kashmir of the south, Wonder valley Anachal is a place where you are welcomed by the refreshing breeze from the valley, recreate and rejoice yourself and feel the wonders hidden between woods and waters. Wondervalley the best fun forest adventure park and amusement park in the hills of Munnar warmly welcome everyone to enjoy, explore and enliven yourself with nature. Situated in acres of land Wondervalley offers a wide range of adventurous and fun activities

The adventure zone is created so that it gives an opportunity to face your fears and it gives the courage to face your problems and challenges and thereby give a new dimension to your life.The amusement park is specially created for those who wish to have fun and relaxation with friends and family. Various rides provide an entertaining mood and reenergize your dull mind. It is designed for kids as well as grown ups. You can go back to your childhood through the rides that are arranged here. As a whole the whole set up in wondervalley is specially created for those who demand more. And the memories that you take away from here will be always kept in your memories and always push you to came back again

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