Kannan Devan Tea Museum


Kannan Devan Tea Museum is situated at Nullatanni estate in Munnar, is the first tea museum of its kind in the country. The museum depicts the origin and growth of century-old tea plantation – from a simple tea roller to the present fully automatic tea factory of Madupatty.

The entrance of the museum has a granite sundial that was made in 1913 by the Art Industrial School at Nazareth in Tamil Nadu. Several old equipment, including original tea roller of 1905, the Pelton wheel used in power generation in 1920s and rotorvane (the old-time CTC type tea processing machine) are proud possessions of the museum. Another important item on display is a rail engine wheel unit of the Kundale Valley Light Railway that operated between Munnar and Top Station.

You can witness early 20th century royal furniture like magneto phone, cash safe, wooden bathtub, iron oven and typewriters in the museum. Do not miss to visit the tea-manufacturing unit where you can see different steps of tea processing. To savour the taste of different teas, attend the tea tasting session inside the museum.

Opening Closing Time: 09:00 am – 05:00 pm
Open all days, except Monday

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