St. Francis Church – Fort Kochi


The St. Francis Church, well-known for its beautiful structural design and ambience, has an important place in history. It is here that the famous explorer, Vasco-da-Gama, was originally buried. His remains would be taken back 14 years later but to this day, the exact spot is clearly marked. The place is known for its deep Dutch and Portuguese influences and is an architectural marvel in itself.

The credit for its construction goes to the Portuguese Franciscan Friars in 1503. Originally made with mud and wood, it went under a lot of work with the Portuguese, Dutch and the British leaving their imprints on the place. Eventually it would come under the control of the Church of South India in 1949. Visitors are especially charmed by its gabled timber framed roof. The interiors have two stepped pinnacles crowning the top of the chancel roof. The entire experience is the epitome of old school charm; from the pulpit made of wood decorated to the confessional to the baptism platform. History has left its imprint here, which is evident to this day.

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