Somatheeram Ayurveda Hospital – Kovalam


Somatheeram Ayurveda Hospital very effectively provides excellent Ayurveda treatments and it has a group of Ayurveda Doctors (Vaidyas) who strictly follows traditional methods and systems. Somatheeram has a keen eye on health (medical) tourism and there are numerous Ayurveda treatments available at every time in the same arena. Somatheeram knows the pulse of each and every patient/customer and ensures quality Ayurveda treatment with an unbeatable exposure. It has achieved many merits and Somatheeram has been popularized all over the world. Somatheeram is a globally approved centre for best Ayurveda treatment and every year hundreds of visitors/patients are coming to experience the very special Somatheeram soothing touch of healing. With a vast volume of abroad customers, Somatheeram remains as the No.1 Ayurveda Hospital where thousands of satisfied customers have been made goodwill and there is no doubt its un paralleled with Special features. We have everything that you would prefer from an excellent Ayurveda treatment centre and we accept every goodness for deliver quality healing service. We believe it’s our privilege to extent best service to every aspirant where there is no compromise on quality matter. Somatheeram is the first Ayurveda Hospital in a resort Ambiance in India committed to enlarge traditional treatments and healing methods. The get aloof quality and Ayurveda treatment varieties of Somatheeram have to repeatedly mention. Somatheeram has a dedicated team of best Ayurveda doctors, masseurs and other service personals; we very specially strive to follow the traditional and heritage values. We are committed for facilitate the best in every aspect, especially to cope with excellent Ayurveda treatments and also with other Ayurveda therapies. Our Ayurveda establishment is located at a very peaceful area and those who undergo our healing service would definitely gets an experience really something evokes.

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